What about Foreign Missions?

Over the last several years, our awareness and our passion for foreign missions has grown as the Lord has made known to us the vast number of people groups who have NO ACCESS to the Gospel. Our hearts break over the thousands that die every day without once hearing the name of Jesus and the gift of salvation that He offers.

As our family was first called to Life Action, the only part of our calling that I struggled with in my heart was the desire to be a part of reaching the 6,909 remaining unreached people groups for Christ – particularly those in the 10/40 window.
Through much prayer and seeking of the Lord, He has shown me first, the dire condition of our own country. For a nation that was founded on a strong belief in the one true God, we have strayed so far. Sin runs rampant and is accepted in our society, and sadly, even in our churches. Matthew 28:19 tells us to “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” We, as a nation, have failed to make true disciples here in our own country. Many may profess to know Him, but their lives seldom reflect Him. Our churches need to teach truth with boldness and call believers to true repentance so that we may live radically for Him! We need to be sanctified, set apart for His glory, that others may see us and be drawn to the Jesus that we profess. Divorce rates among believers are as high as those among nonbelievers. Our families are being torn apart. What was once one of the largest sending nations to the foreign mission field, is now surpassed by “closed” countries like China where believers are persecuted for their faith. All of this is because, as the church in Ephesus in Revelation 2, we have lost our first love. Life Action Ministries is drawing individuals, families, churches, communities – and prayerfully our nation – back to Him by igniting movements of Authentic Christianity all across our country.
In a recent class called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, we learned that missions cannot be accomplished when the driving force is pity, mercy or compassion. These are fleshly emotions that even nonbelievers have. When missions is done in our own strength or based on our own feelings, it will soon fade and failure is inevitable. Missions must be done out of an overflow of our own relationship with Jesus Christ. When our walk with Him is so intimate and our hunger for Him and His glory is insatiable, then it will overflow from us no matter where we are. We will need to tell others about His love for them – whether that is a tribe in Africa, or our neighbor across the street.
One key aspect of the ministry of Life Action is teaching families how to build their marriages and their homes on the truth of Scripture. Our society will never be transformed if we do not make Jesus Christ the foundation of our homes. And we cannot reach the world for Jesus if our families are falling apart.
Our nation needs revival – and it starts with you, and with me. In true revival, societies and nations are transformed – and the world is reached as believers are sent out with a burden to share the Jesus of their hearts with those whom have not heard. We are seeking revival, one individual, one family at a time. And it is our prayer that as our nation is reawakened, He will use us in a greater way in His global plan to reach the nations!